May 22, 2024
Hamburg, Germany
Venue: LOGO

Life is short and often unbearably so. Is it any wonder, then, that throughout the ages, humans have dreamed about living forever? Even when it feels like the world is falling apart—as it has for most people these past few years—there’s still a yearning for immortality. That’s something that Melbourne-based punks Clowns have channelled into their new record ENDLESS. The Australian band—now comprised of lead vocalist Stevie Williams, drummer Jake Laderman, guitarists Jarrod Goon and Cameron Rust, and bassist Hanny J—had released its predecessor, Nature/Nurture, in 2019. Not right before the pandemic ruined everything for everyone, but with only just enough time to finish their album cycle before the world took an unprecedented turn. The changing world profoundly affected the band, especially Williams, who was single and living alone during the lockdown and subject to a heavily enforced curfew between 9 pm and 5 am. Unsurprisingly, he struggled. But he also persevered, and now Clowns have emerged through the dark tunnel of the last few years and turned them on their heads.

The result is an album whose central theme is immortality and whose songs represent a newfound sense of strength, empowerment, and overcoming adversity. That spirit of mental and physical renewal flows through the twelve tracks of ENDLESS as the notion of immortality manifests itself in various forms within them and which takes centre stage right from the off. After the graceful, ’80s metal-inspired intro of the title track, the first song, “FORMALDEHYDE,” is a breathless rush of adrenaline and defiance. ‘I used to think that I’d go out young and that I wouldn’t live past twenty-five,’ sings Williams over Tilbrook’s scorching yelps, ‘and now I’m pretty sure I’ll never die ’cos I’m soaking in formaldehyde.’ It’s a surge of abrasive, visceral, and self-aware energy riddled with newly found purpose and an unquenchable thirst for being alive and being in this band.